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Thursday, August 29, 2013

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Posted August 29, 2013

Donald F. Smith DVM

Please explore my new blog, Perspectives in Veterinary Medicine, produced in conjunction with Cornell and Texas A&M Universities, and Zoetis.  

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the American Veterinary Medical Association, I am posting this series of stories to chronicle the events that have contributed to the way the veterinary profession functions today. This is all with an eye to the future, helping us anticipate what comes next in our profession.

Regular readers of this blog will see some overlap but most stories are new and more detailed, with more references and footnotes.

I am deeply appreciative of the almost 100,000 "reads" that you have provided over the past three years. You have been my most loyal support base and I deeply appreciate your readership.  It is my hope that you will also join me now at Perspectives in Veterinary Medicine.

As always, you can reach me at

With all good wishes, Donald Smith.